Introducing panOptica S2

Create panoramic images from panning video clips. panOptica S2 creates stunning panoramic images from a range of devices, including mobile phones, camcorders and cameras, allowing precise action placement.

Here are some examples 


Tutorial 2

See it in a panorama player

5 horses

More Examples

The Process



Start with a panning video clip

panOptica analyses the clip to work out the camera focal length, lens and rotation of the camera between frames

Identify moving foreground

Identify the moving foreground - in this screencast the process is automated but manual assistance is also possible


Now we can make a scene which does not include the moving foreground


You can position the action exactly as you want it in the scene. In this screencast, one of the dogs is being framed for the camera


Now you can manipulate the camera which shoots the action over the scene


And the results can be published, in this case to a panorama player

Uniquely, panOptica S2 reconstructs the original scene for you, allowing you to "re-film" the action, place people and objects where you want them to be and remove unwanted foreground.

Use panOptica S2 to:

  • Create dramatic sports and action stills, freezing the action at the best moments - a touch-down or the instant an athlete crosses the line
  • Create eye-catching, high-res, wide-angle architectural of landscape images with unusually wide or tall aspect ratios, squeezing in detail that would be out-of-frame on an ordinary camera shot
  • Wedding and group photography: choose the best moments from a video clip to create a still where everyone is smiling and remove by-standers.
  • Create stunning immersive 360° panoramas for the web.

panOptica S2 features

  • Video Stitching: Stitch all the frames from a panning video clip into one seamless scene.
  • Built-in panorama player
  • Action Cueing: pick the action from any frame of the original clip
  • Auto-tracking of moving foreground action
  • Auto-exposure and colour correction
  • Lens-distortion modelling

Imagine you are back at the scene of your shoot. panOptica takes you there. You can reveal the background and re-introduce the action, choosing the best bits. Then you can take a new photo - but using a projection and angle of view that is completely impossible with a normal camera.Give it a go with our FREE evaluation!;It's fun! Available on Microsoft Windows : Vista, 7 and 8; and Mac OS X 10.7 and 8.

panOptica works with most video file formats at all sizes up to HD 1080p.


download at the App Store
free evaluation version
registration required
Windows Vista, 7, 8. Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

Visit our Support pages for tutorials, User Guide knowledgebase articles and downloads.

The Tutorials offer two Quick-Start Guides to get you going with panOptica S2. No prior knowledge of the product is required.

The User Guide  provides a quick tour of the user interface and descriptions of the main components and tools

The Knowledgebase  is a collection of articles that explain how to get the most out of panOptica.


We can create your images for you. Just get in touch with us and we will be happy discuss your requirements.

In addition to our main product panOptica S2, we have a suite of powerful in-house tools which can use to create great new imagery.

We can also create panoramic video from your panning videos.